23rd Psalm: Redemption Behind The Scenes Photo
Producer Director Writer Cornelius Booker III and Christopher C. Odom, with Tatyana Ali, on the set of “23rd Psalm: Redemption”.


When a minister and his family are held hostage in his own home by an escaped convict, he must rely upon his faith to deliver his family from harms way.


Five years have passed by and Luther still blames Detective John Smith and John’s sister, whom Luther murdered, for destroying Luther’s life. After being denied parole, Luther, along with two goons, escapes from prison. John, now married, is a minister and stepfather to an adolescent girl. Seeking revenge, Luther and his goons break into John’s house and hold his family hostage. After hours of mental Jiu-Jitsu between John and Luther, it becomes evident that this is not going to end well. John makes a harrowing attempt to coax Luther to do the right thing – but will he do it?

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Reverend John Smith had another career before he took up the cloth and it was in law enforcement. Detective John Smith earned is PhD in Theology before he joined the force, but hearing the calling, and not feeling chosen, he decided to serve his fellow man through police work. Now five years later, a demon from his past has come back to haunt Reverend John Smith and his new family in the form of revenge.

John’s sister Jessie was less than righteous and seemingly a lost cause. Unwilling to give her a second change, and slave himself to the bottle, John did not respond to his sister’s latest proclamation of change. This time, however, his sister had changed, and in a miraculous way. Tragically, Dennis Luther murdered her in a jealous rage. Then Detective John Smith, solved the murder and sent Luther to prison, but today Luther has new plans.

Reverend John Smith now enjoys a typical life with a modest home, loving wife and amazing stepdaughter: the perfect family. Leader of the Substance Abuse Ministry at his church, John starts his morning by assisting a troubled member who has fallen off the wagon and is immersed in battle with inner demons. Unbeknownst to John, Dennis Luther has already broken out of prison with two other dangerous convicts and has taken his family hostage. The inner demons John is helping someone conquer, will be overshadowed by the darkness inside John’s own home that he will soon confront.

John returns home and by surprise, is taken hostage along with his family during this nefarious home invasion. What transpires next is a fast paced battle of wits as Luther inflicts his revenge and John negotiates for his family’s safe deliverance. As things heat up, and Luther’s cohorts reveal themselves to be far more dangerous than John or Luther had ever imagined, it becomes self-evident to both John and Luther, that given their current course, this is not going to end well. So in a test of faith, like no other John has known, John sets out to save his family.

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